Shepherd's Voice

Shepherds Voice is dedicated to the following:

To bring people into a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

To empower and equip the body of Christ to fullfil their God given purpose in life

To bring healing to a hurting broken world



The ministry is firmly founded on prayer and has seen God's power of deliverance oeprating in the lives of so many. Jesus said that He came to set the captive free and numerous testimonies in the ministry can attest to how God is delivering His people. Florence Bakka also ministers to women in what has become a powerful monthly womens' meeting in Luton and is ahost on other programs such as Marriage Matters. To know more about Women's ministry get in touch using the contact us page.

You are all welcome in our meetings where JESUS CHRIST is proving to his people everytime that He is ALIVE!!!  (Acts Chapter 1:3-4)  In these meetings you will start to see God's direction in your life.

How It all began...

God calls people into ministry from various walks of life and Pr. Bakka is no exception. He is the man through whom Shepherds Voice was founded. The journey began in 1998 while he was still an Art program workshop facilitator in Lambeth in London. In 2000, he was ordained and started a night vigil ministry called "3 AM." The service continued for over 12 years consequetively running every single day of the week and many people healed and changed. He encountered various challenges to prepare him for full time ministry. In 2006, God led him to Luton and services even extended to Peterborough. Since then he has started weekly services in Feltham, Edmonton, South London and Luton.

In 2019, he opened the main branch that is now the head office of Shepherd's Voice in Luton.

Pastor Bakka is married to Mrs. Florence Bakka with five chidlren and they have a great understanding of life, they speak from personal experience about overcoming life and living by the power of Holy Spirit.